Friday, 15 January 2010


Sorry, sorry, sorry. This post will contain nothing but whingey moany whiney bollocks. So feel free to skip!

Today has probably been one of my worst days on record. I am SO sluggish and in so much pain.
I took the first of my Tramadol, I'm trying to keep them just for the worst times as they are apparently so strong. Well, they've done sod all. No pain relief whatsoever.
I still have some codeine left from my last precription and they did work pain wise so might use those again and just put up with the queasy tummy they give me. I think I'd rather have a funny tummy than this pain.

I had planned to get the ball rolling on my DLA form and start off a draft but that's gone out the window, the motivation is there, the energy isn't. My arms are really beginning to ache just typing this so it won't be a long post, I just wanted to record how my day has been.

*Supposed* to be going to the cinema tomorrow to see Avatar 3D again. Yes, again! I loved it, but it was just me and Nathan that went last time and I know Charlotte and Nathan's eldest Beth would both love it too so we're taking them with us. I'm just really hoping I'm up to it.

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