Thursday, 21 January 2010

Not so helpful!

Council chap came round this morning and took all the ID he needed.

I finally managed to get through to the Welfare Advice line and spoke to a lady who was er,  rather abrubt. In the 10 minute phonecall I don't think I managed to complete a full sentence without her trying to finish it off for me.
She's calling me either tomorrow or Friday to arrange a home visit, but she said in a roundabout way she doesn't think I'll be entitled to a penny as claiming DLA for CFS is nigh on impossible, which was encouraging *sigh*

Other than that a pretty non eventful day. The daily dead leg is getting on my nerves, I shall mention it to the Rheumatologist at my appointment tomorrow.

Oh and some thick twat thought s/he could get into my Gmail account earlier too. So stupid infact they thought by pressing the reset password button they'd automatically get it. They are obviously lacking in the grey matter if they thought it was as simple as that and they could have a good old nosey at my account. Honestly, are some people really that clueless?

Oh, quickly before I go, I googled and found out the problem with my left eye, it does have a name better than 'rugby eye' it is actually called Astigmatism, so there you go.
I also came to the conclusion my sleep fail the other night was most likely down to me forgetting to take my Fluoxetine in the morning and taking it just before bed. Not proven but it does seem logical.
I remember when I was on Seroxat they worked for me better when I took them before bed than taking them in the morning so the time of day does make a difference, although saying that I'm not about to go and test my theory because I don't fancy another night like that night!

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