Saturday, 16 January 2010

I can see!

Didn't know I couldn't before, but NOW I can indeed see!
Yup, glasses were needed, £103 later I'm now sporting a rather snazzy (if I do say so myself) pair of glasses.
I can't remember the big long name she said but basically my left eye should be shaped like the side of a football but I'm more like a rugby ball. Comforting to know, that.

After the hoo-ha of getting my glasses (NO thanks AT ALL to the bastards of Kettering Specsavers and ALL thanks to Kettering Vision Express, that's a whoooole other story!) we had a hoo-ha at the cinema when Nathan's eldest Beth got ill and puked up in the theatre and outside in the main halls three times, lovely!

I'm utterly exhausted now and will spend the next 2-3 days paying for it no doubt. Nathan's mum invited us over for dinner tomorrow but I've declined, if I don't have complete rest tomorrow to recover from today then I'll be in serious trouble.

I just hope the whole cause of my headaches was my 'rugby eye' and not CFS so the headaches will go completely, time shall tell.

On another side note, day 3 of Fluoxetine and so far no side effects, but very early days yet.

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