Wednesday, 20 January 2010

How many bottles?

That's how many they took out of my arm today the greedy gits!
My arm is bruising up nicely aswell, lovely!
I get the results back in a week but they will be normal, Dr Sam just did them to rule everything out but they always come back normal, it's just my CFS.

Not much else to update on really. Glasses going well, still keep hitting them when I go to rub my eye though, ha!

MORE forms came through today, god knows what for though. It says it's to reapply for housing and council tax benefit but I'm already in the process of that with my local council, this has come from job centre plus and wants me to send it to the county council.
Luckily a chap from my local council is coming to the house tomorrow to see some ID and proof of income so I'll ask him about it, but it's confusing to say the least.

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