Thursday, 14 January 2010

My head hurts.

Well a lot more happened today than I was prepared for!

As I promised myself I called the DWP to get my DLA forms sent to me.
Then I got a bit of a bumper post which had my SSP1 form in from work and a choose and book form for my Rheumatology appointment at the hospital.

I called the number on my SSP1 form and it turns out you apply for benefits over the phone. 55 minutes later I was finally done! The chap was really friendly and helpful, and it turns out his wife has ME/CFS too so he gave me lots of advice and tips for filling in my DLA forms.

My Rheumatology appointment is at the hospital on the 21st.

One thing I forgot to mention was an eye test on Saturday. I've had a permanent headache now for weeks. Headaches are a common factor of ME/CFS but I might aswell get an eye test as they are free to rule it out. Glasses will be another expense I could really do without though at the minute!

I'm just exhausted now. My head is pounding and even though I was just sat on the phone for an hour it feels like I've been jogging on the spot for an hour instead but I'm glad it's all done and dusted for now and the ball is rolling so I shouldn't go without any income as the ESA people know when my SSP ends.

I'm going to have some soup for lunch and then crash out and have a sleep on the sofa I think, still in my PJ's.

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