Thursday, 4 February 2010

Been a while..

Some of you may have noticed I've not been updating or about on Facebook and Twiter.

Health took a big dive so the desktop has had a wide berth over the past week or so, I'm writing this from my laptop rather than my desktop where I am firmly plumped on the sofa.

I'm now having chronic neck and back pain and my reactions have slowed down. Tramadol still isn't helping either so I'm currently trying to rummage up the energy to go and see Dr Sam again to try some different pain relief.

In better news I had a visit on Monday from the Welfare Advice lady, Jeanine. She was very nice and helpful and flew through my form for me. I got a letter from her this morning as a confirmation and she has written

Given the information you have put on the form I feel you may qualify for high rate mobilty, although they are getting very tough on awarding this level and low or middle rate care. Again, they have tightened up a lot lately on this component. Once you hear about the decision we can talk further  if needed about appeals etc.

So, I've been warned, as I already knew that this is going to be a tough road and I'm fully expecting to have to appeal at tribunal to get what I feel I am entitled to, but the fact that Jeanine thinks I should qualify is a comforting thought atleast.
Jeanine has also recommended I get Dr Sam to fill in part of my DLA form so I called the surgery today and asked if a charge would be applicable and they said it depends on how much he has to fill in (the more the better as far as I'm concerned!) so I'm going to put a covering letter in with the forms as it's really important he explains HOW my ME/CFS affects me, not just the fact I've got it.
The benefits and work website have a downloadable check sheet where you can fill in how each thing affects you like walking, washing, bathing etc so I'll fill one of those in and pop in it with the form. I've already given him one when I last saw him and he gave me the fluoxetine and the tramadol but some things have worsened so I'll do a more up-to-date one.

Speaking of the Fluoxetine, things are going well with that. I have noticed a difference when I wake up in the morning, I'm far from 'wooo hooo, another day!' but I'm most definitely not 'Oh shit, here we go again' like I was before I started taking them. It's hard to describe really. I'm more...accepting? at the moment. Which is a good thing, but it did bring me crashing down again when I was with Jeanine as all I had to think about was what I couldn't do, which is a lot, when I was filling in the forms with her and the tears flowed quite freely, but Jeanine was armed with tissues and words of encouragment so I feel ok again now but it was really upsetting and emotonally and physically drained me for a few days afterwards and it took me those few days to recover but I'm still not quite up to speed.
Jeanine also offered to help me with all my ESA stuff too when it gets to the point when they decide if I go in the work related group (ha!) or the support group. She has strictly told me NOT to fill in any forms without speaking to her first so I shall gladly follow orders.

Work are being a pain in the arse and not sending me payslips so I've had to ring them ah-gain to ask for them. It's like I can feel her rolling her eyes as soon as I say my name but if they'd send them in the first place I wouldn't have to call, would I? I can't claim ESA without them so I'll hound them as much as possible whether they like it or not, I got paid 3 weeks ago from work, I should have had my wageslip.

And this is enough for my hands to handle, they are aching so I shall end this gigantic post here and try and update daily again to save my hands.

Oh, one more thing. I couldn't make my rheumatologist appointment due to ill health so it's been rescheduled to the 17th of Feb.