Thursday, 18 March 2010

Yooo Hoooo?

I think I've turned invisible you know.

Not including my mum and brother, I have Nathan, and my best friend June.
I have 782 texts in my mobile inbox because I never get round to deleting them, over 700 of those 782 are from Nathan, my received calls list consists of June and Charlottes school.

I know this reads as a WOE IS ME post and an I WANT ATTENTION NOW!! post, but it's not that, it's just another symptom of the ME/CFS thats invisible. The loss of friends, work and a social life, a part of this god awful disorder that no-one even thinks about.

I feel so cut off and isolated being stuck in the house and 100% reliant on Nathan if I'm up to going out but even more so when you suddenly realise it's been weeks or more since you heard from people you miss.

I don't know what bought this to the forefront for me today, most likely the incredibly patronising and aloof tone of the woman from the council today when I said I couldn't make it to the office to bring in some paperwork, I said I couldn't make it because I have ME, not because I couldn't be arsed. I WOULD come to your lovely office if I could, I would hop, skip and dance and relish in the sunlight and fresh air that this time of year brings if I could. But I can't, and DON'T sodding patronise me because I'm ILL, not LAZY.


  1. there are always idiots hun try and rise above it and dont be fobbed off!!! Make then send you the damn papers.I wish I lived nearer to you I'd come and visit :\

  2. I will second that. Idiots can be found everywhere. When I was on a sick leave due to my CFS, I had to go through regular Evaluation Committees. When I told a doctor that I feel tired, he told me "I 'm tired too, but nobody's giving me any sick leaves". Hmm. Ok.