Friday, 26 March 2010

Good weekend coming up

Amitriptyline Day 2: Took a while to drop off, and was wide awake around 4.50am, which in todays case was fabulous because I wanted to be up for the Australian GP Practice at 5.30am, but on any other day I wouldn't have been amused as it will probably mean an afternoon nap which naffs up my sleep pattern completely.
On the good side I have woken up quite alert unlike yesterday.

I was too ill to go with Charlotte back to the hospital yesterday which I was incredibly annoyed and frustrated with. It's situations like this that really, really get me down about this awful disorder I have. I try to keep as positive as possible but when it robs me of being with my daughter in an incredibly important time I just want to explode with rage and fury.
I didn't miss much, it was just a case of them removing the ECG and that was it, no results from it as yet, but I should have been with her. Thank heavens for Nathan, I couldn't cope without him.

On a brighter note I am happier this morning as I seem to have mostly recovered from the hospital trip and if this carries on I'll feel ok to go to the cinema tomorrow to see Alice. And ofcourse I have the Australian GP to look forward to!!! One thing I haven't really talked about too much - my big geekdom hobby which is the F1 season. I am obsessive about it and I'm a die hard McLaren fan!
P1 was at 1.30am and P2 was at 5.30am so I made the horrible choice of missing P1 in favour of grabbing P2 so I got some sleep. P3 is at 3am tonight and I'm currently deciding whether to go back to sleep once Charlotte is off to school so I can stay up later, or go to bed really early and get up for 3am to catch it and then qualifying at 6am, I'll be glad when the season heads back to Europe!

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