Thursday, 18 March 2010

Could be crunch time soon

Yesterday was a day of all sorts. It was one thing one minute, another the next and I was getting so muddled and confused.
I got a phonecall back from the job centre yesterday about 30 mins after I'd put the phone down to them.
It turns out my ESA was declined not based on my income like the letter said but because they thought they didn't receive my SSP1 form to prove my SSP had finished so they declined it based on the fact I had no proof of what I was saying. I explained to the chap on the phone that they did indeed have it because I sent it special delivery, recorded and checked the tracking number and it had been signed for. Lo and behold less than 10 minutes later he rang back and they'd found tit, funny that!
So ESA is now in place, I'm being paid £90 in arrears straight away and then a whopping (wait for it.......) £30.61 a week. I'm  filthy rich now and I've booked a test drive with a Lamborghini MurciĆ©lago!!!*

WTC came up with the goods and I got my award notice so I can now show the council my income.

Included in my bumper post was a letter from the DWP about my DLA claim:

We are sorry that we cannot give you a decision on the new claim for Disability Living Allowance yet. This is because we have requested a report from your GP.

From stories I have heard and read it seems once the GP report is back a decision comes back pretty swiftly so crunch time may be imminent. I'm not holding out much hope for the outcome I want.
My GP is amazing, but I don't know what he's like when writing letters. I don't know if he'll be descriptive and explain my mobility and care needs or just say 'yep, I can confirm she has CFS' which is about as much use as a knotted kipper.
I'm presuming I can ask for a copy of the letter as it's about me but I'm really not sure on that. I'll need to go and see him soon to sort out this amitriptilyne as the Rheumatologist didn't give me the tablets just gave me a letter to drop into the GP surgery which Nathan did for me after the appointment at the hospital.
Typically Jeanine is on annual leave till next week so a bit in limbo as she made it VERY clear I'm not to fill in any forms without her and I have to do the medical one for ESA so they can decide what group I go in to.

I rang up the council yesterday and asked for an application form for a blue badge. I would get one automatically if I get awarded high rate mobility but I'm not expecting to get that and if I have to go to the appeal system it could be months so I'm going to apply for one now and ask Dr Sam to back me up and have any medicals they want. I could have saved myself a HELL of a lot of walking at the hospital if I could have parked in a disabled space.

Health wise I'm doing a bit better today, quite perky and the pain is a little bit calmer today, I'm still having the backlash from the ridiculous walk to the department at my hospital appointment.

*Here endeth the sarcasm.


  1. The whole ESA thing is a nightmare, Sassy

    You'll find my experiences in my blog:

    In a nutshell, I got bounced with 0 points out of the necessary 15 to qualify, after my medical back last May. I appealed, and the tribunal in February gave me 18 points - so I was home and dry after 9 months of worry. The whole thing defies reason. If you are refused ESA, appeal, and get some good arguments together - testimonials from community figure, anything you can throw at them. Don't take no for an answer. I'm now on about £90 ESA per week, so it's worth a good go.
    was home and dry after a a lot of worry.

  2. Hi Richard!

    Thank you for your comment and link to your blog, I've added it to my follow list.

    I'm fully expecting a similar situation to yours, there is STILL such a stigma with ME/CFS and as it's variable it's so iffy on what they say or do as there are still so many sceptics about!