Friday, 19 March 2010


Dammit, I'm flagging.

Edging closer and closer to going for an afternoon sleep but I know it's gonna bugger things up later and I'll be wide awake at 3am.
But ohhhh boy do I want to sleep.

I thought I was doing well today, managed to get dressed which was inspired by taking delivery of my McLaren team t-shirt but I think that's probably been the cause of my deflation this afternoon. As stupid as it sounds (see yesterdays rant)getting dressed utterly exhausts me.

I'm hoping I'm somewhat better tomorrow so I can get out of the house a bit with Nathan, even if it's just to the local for a couple of pints. Cabin fever is kicking in again since I escaped these 4 walls to go to the hospital.

Those leg jerks I've been having have travelled up my body today, I sort of twist at the hips all of a sudden now too, it's really bizarre!
I'll be a pro body popper in a few weeks at this rate..

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