Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Forgetfulness is my middle name!

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday was having a fall on Sunday morning in the kitchen.

My legs have got really bad and they have started jerking quite badly. It's like when the doctor hits you with the little rubber hammer on your knee and you kick out. That happened as I was stood in the kitchen and caught me totally off-guard and down I went on to some lovely cold hard tiles. Nice.
I don't seem to have had any bad repercussions from it, no bruising although I did ache for a while after but that seems to have passed.

I just wanted to record it here for my records as my memory is shockingly bad now. I forgot to take my meds all the time so I think I'm going to get one of those weekday pill pot things and leave it on my desk so I can see it clearly and remind myself. My Rheumotolagist said it was important to take the fluoxetine in the morning and I'm supposed to take the amitriptilyne 2 hours before bed.

The benefits thing is still a farce. I just tried to re-apply for ESA now my WTC has finished but they haven't closed down my last claim so now I have to wait for them to do that before I can reapply.
I spoke to my local council about applying for council tax benefit and adjusting my LHA but they want proof my SSP has ended and the ESA people never sent it back to me so I'm chasing that down too. It's just one big sodding vicious circle, I can't do one without the other and can't do the other without one. ARGH

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