Friday, 30 April 2010

An eventful week

This week is proving to be quite eventful.

It was my birthday on Tuesday which was lovely, Nathan took me down the local pub for a couple of drinks to get me out in the lovely weather we had that day and my best friend June joined us when she had finished work. Nathan got me an amazing bag which is so different and June got me a beautiful shirt from Next and some lovely flowers which are currently filling my room with the most gorgeous smell!
Wednesday was the day I got my DLA decision after waiting 2 months. As much I was expecting the result I think it angered me even more because they haven't even given me a medical. Needless to say I'm appealing and will take it as far as I can go. I also had to go with Charlotte to the hospital as she was called for another 24hr ECG to see how her heart is doing.
Thursday was my first 'pathways to work' meeting at the job centre. The advisor Mick was a lovely chap who explained everything to me and was genuinely shocked about my DLA decision and thought it was ridiculous I was even there as he could see how much I was struggling.  He gave me a bit more insight into the benefit itself, what I can and can't do and I learnt a few things which was good. He was really supportive and even arranged for me to have my travel expenses paid so I was given £5.25 for petrol in cash on the spot which was really nice!  I was also back at the hospital so they could take off Charlottes ECG machine and download the results.
Today I'm off to my mums later if I feel ok to collect my birthday goodies from her and my brother, I'm trying to conserve as much energy as I can as I've had such a busy week and I really want to see my mum, so today will be spent doing as little as possible so hopefully I'm ok to go this evening.
Sunday is another big day, my ESA medical, something I'm dreading and something I'm expecting to appeal like my DLA decision, I'm mostly expecting them to give me a big fat zero on my points so they'll say I'm fit for work. Time will tell.
The good thing about ESA is that they are actually on schedule with me, which considering the stories I read on a daily basis is a rare thing. I'm supposed to have my medical and the result within the first 13 weeks of claiming. I'm now in week 6 so it's going ok. I've read some people being on ESA for 6 months and no sign of a medical so I'm counting myself quite lucky because once the medical is done and the results are back, if I'm (like I should be) placed in either the care group (NO chance) or the working group (most likely) it'll be a raise of about £20 a week in my pocket which I shan't complain about. Before your medical you are on the 'assessment rate' of ESA which is pittance.
My medical is in Northampton which is about a 30-40 minute drive away so I'll be knackered before I even get there, but I was told you can claim petrol money back for going so I'll be making sure I do that!

I also got my letter through from Physiotherapy, there is now space for me so I need to call them to make an appointment. I'm really not sure how it will help me, but I'm not a doctor so I'll go and see how things are.

Please cross your fingers for me on Sunday!

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