Thursday, 12 May 2011

A year on

Blimey, didn't realise it's been a year since I last updated!

As today is ME/CFS awareness day I thought I would spread the word again and have linked last years post.
For today I thought I would update a year on.

Thankfully I have lots of postive things to add to the list!

In a short and sweet nutshell:
  • I was awarded DLA at appeal. High Rate Mobility and Low Rate Care for 2 years
  • My ESA was renewed with no problems and no medical for 18 months
  • I got my Blue Badge from the council with no questions asked, common sense does prevail
  • I have been put in contact with the social care team and now have various equipment in my house to make life easier
  • Nathan proposed to me!! (Yes, I did say yes lol)
  • Currently at the time of this posting I am doing slightly better than this time last year. Small improvements like getting out a bit more and being more independent with the help of my home equipment. I'm still FAR from healthy but it's the small things that make a difference to me
  • I'm getting my own wheelchair so I can get out more/stay out longer free of charge from the Red Cross on a long term loan basis
  • Charlotte is now getting some well deserved respite from the Young Carers Association, they have been wonderful to her, her case worker Jo is one amazing young lady.

 There have been other knockbacks. I had a bout of glandular fever, a DVT and have now developed IBS (which is BAD at the moment) but meh, let's keep this post positive eh?

I'll try to keep this blog updated much more, there are lots of new things on the horizon this year and it's good for me to share and track, I apologise for being such a slacker on the blog front.


  1. Hi Sassy, it's sooo good to see you blogging again! I've been following you and for ages your blog was at the bottom of my list, so it's lovely to see it rising to the top again!

    Glad to hear you're doing a little better these days, and also that they've finally seen sense where your benefits are concerned. Last year I got awarded DLA for an indefinite period (yayyy!) - higher rate mobility and middle rate care - although who knows what "indefinite" means - till they move the goalposts and add more hummocks and fissures to the already un-level playing field...

    Just before Christmas I got a new wheelchair to replace my Ebay one - this time through NHS Wheelchair Services. You should think about getting one prescribed as you will be measured for it, and it will be a proper fit and therefore be more comfortable and save energy too. I got mine on the voucher scheme so was able to choose what I wanted, and paid a bit extra to get the specs I wanted. Full details on my blog. If you need a wheelchair, you are entitled to get one this way.

    So sorry to hear about the IBS. I have this too - very common for peeps with M.E. It's a mega-bore.

    Like you I'm virtually house-bound without my dear hubby's help. I stopped driving a few months ago so we recently traded in our 2 cars in favour of one replacement which suits our needs better.

    So glad you're back in blogland! It's a lifeline to me - opens up the whole Wide World! Keep up the good work.

    Big hugs, and stay as well as possible!

  2. Such a good positive positive - really pleased to hear things are going so well for you!

    So when's the wedding? :) xx